1995, Chainsaw/Villa Villakula

  Call the Doctor
   1996, Chainsaw

  Dig Me Out
   1997, Kill Rock Stars

  The Hot Rock
   1999, Kill Rock Stars

Sleater-Kinney (Kill Rock Stars Promo Picture) 


Corin Tucker (left) and Carrie
Brownstein (right) formed Sleater-
Kinney in 1994 in their home town
Olympia, WA. Two drummers
preceded Janet Weiss (middle)
who joined to complete the line-up
in 1996.

The music of this band is based on
the intuitive magic that Corin and
Carrie use to complement each other on guitar. Vocally the interplay between them also
adds a moving degree authenticity to the lyrics.

As this is still a relatively young band there is plenty room for growth. All the talent
they need is most certainly there and it will be very exciting to see how this trio develops
in the next few years. The Hot Rock their latest and finest album is by far the best album
released this year (or so me thinks).