Scriptures of the
Golden Eternity

  East of Jesus

  Amarillo Ramp

Scriptures of the Golden Eternity
1993, LP/CD on Father Yod (DFR-17)

1. Scriptures of the Golden Eternity
2. Naked & Alone at the Knitting Factory I
3. Naked & Alone at the Knitting Factory II

1. Scriptures of the Golden Eternity
hello, hello
check 1,2 check
maybe just a l... ah okay
yeah here comes the feedback

I was gonna start tonight by telling this story about this
TV-show I saw when I was a kid and I guess I will, tell
it. It was an old episode of Superman, I don't know how
many of you ever saw that show, not the cartoon but the
real show. And - eh - in this particular episode these two
-ah - innocent people were being taken away by the bad
guys, right. and - ehm - ah - I don't really know how to
explain this but one of them was some sort of electronics
wizard or something and right before the bad guys took
them away he managed to leave a clue behind. and the
clue consisted somehow of two little pieces of recording
tape with signals on them. and the one - eh - the one
signal was a sound like this: hello, hello, hello, hello.
and the other one was a sound like this: Pggggooow,
Pggggoow. and without going into all the sordid details,
well, they weren't really sordid but, - ehm - Superman
and his cronies figured out that, these, the bad guys were
taking these two to a place called echo canyon. the first
sound being an echo and the second sound being a
cannon. and - ahm - I guess all this tonight somehow
stems from that show back in 1966.

[faintly:] down on the banks
whoo, whoooOOOOO, WHOOOOOO

down on the banks we told tales of Julie
a pale beauty in coiled mortal fleet
we lay in the grass, we watched the sun-rise
we could lean back and ease into the river
I remember you said
I remember and that's enough
to pull it all the years
to fill the cannon full
to find her honey bunny
fill in the grass
to watch the detrip
see live slipping
yes, we remember and that's enough
two in the beauty lying in the kinds
playing here for ever
a beauty
like North-Carolina
like Hemmingway
like the new condo
like the new Patti record
like my cd-player
like the earth moving underneath
like the diamond in the rough, just
like the jist in the minds
like the turbulant, turple, side
like a jack-knife inside a dream
a railroad runs through the recordstore
the people and the power
the people and the sick
and the dead
like Hemmingway
and Traffal
like the ones in a silent cinema
like Garder
and Traffal
like the echo in the canyon
like a canyon in my head

2. Naked & Alone at the Knitting Factory I

3. Naked & Alone at the Knitting Factory II