Nice Ass

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Free Kitten

Just as sweet, rich menstrue ebbs and flows through the
world's body politic, so has Free Kitten wended its way
through the sound portals of those who live where music
swings. Julie and Kim are the constant; touching the
flame of their aesthetic torch upon the brows of those
knaves and jacks who would deny that the spark even
exists. Then there is Yoshimi. Sometimes. Chet Baker's
soul dumped into a bunny suit and a world filled with
carrots. Where her munching originates no one really
knows. And Mark. Sometimes, also. Born apenised,
but none the worst for it, his presence has no gruesome edge. Only presence. Together
(and apart) they are Free Kitten. By their works you shall know them. Hello.
Free Kitten, 1994, Unboxed

Kim Gordon's second band is called Free Kitten. She plays in it
together with Julie Cafritz (The Amps), Yoshimi and Mark Ibold.