Sonic Youth EP

Confusion is Sex

Kill Yr Idols

Bad Moon Rising


Made in USA



Daydream Nation



Experimental, Jet Set,
Trash and No Star

Washing Machine

A Thousand Leaves


Confusion is Sex

This noisefest perfectly captures the wild and
wacky days when Sonic Youth was part of New
York's early 80's No-Wave scene. In yr face
music to the extreem, very raw and physical.
Kim's etching of Thurston which decorates the
cover also adds very well to the DIY spirit of
the album. Without a doubt the thoughest one
to get into but for some fans it has an energy
which makes it the pinacle of all of Sonic's
work. The rereleases also include the Kill yr
Idols (or Scare yr Neigbors) EP. I love it but
you have been warned.