Sonic Youth EP

Confusion is Sex

Kill Yr Idols

Bad Moon Rising


Made in USA



Daydream Nation



Experimental, Jet Set,
Trash and No Star

Washing Machine

A Thousand Leaves



This album is really strong on lyrics I think. The
tracks are therefore good songs to listen to but
this also means that as an album Evol doesn't have
the coherency of a Bad Moon Rising. Strong songs
include Tom Violence, Star Power and the epic song
with many names commonly known as Expressway to yr
Skull. On the LP Expressway has got the famous
locked groove which modern CD technology unfortu-
nately can't reproduce. Lee's first true beat
track, In the Kingdom #19, also features on EVOL.
And oh yeah, EVOL spelled backwards equals LOVE.
Spooky eh, like two sides of the same coin.