Thurston Moore

Kim Gordon

Lee Ranaldo

Steve Shelley


Chan Marshall

The X-Drummers

Richard Edson (1981-1982)

Edson was born in Manhattan New York. He was already drumming
for the band Konk when he was asked to participate in Sonic Youth.
He did so for the recording of the original Sonic Youth EP and a few
shows they did at that time.

Jim Sclavunos (1982-1983)

Although Jim has never been a true band member, he is responsible for
most of the drumming on Sonic Youth's second album Confusion is Sex.
After Sonic Youth Jim concentrated on playing together with his wife
Truus de Groot.

Bob Bert (1983-1985)

Bob answered the infamous advertisment which Sonic Youth had put
up in the record store called 'Rocks in your Head'. Eventhough his
contribution to Bad Moon Rising is impressive, Bob never really seemed
able to connect with the ideas of the other members. They therefore
decided to replace him after the European Bad Moon Rising tour, and
gave the job to Steve. Bob continued his musical career with Pussy Galore. Never making
a secret of his bitterness over the way things went, he has often remarked on his importance
in shaping Sonic Youth.